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White Coffee is my secret weapon! Learn why at smartmomstuff.com!

I live in Washington State where we can take our coffee pretty seriously. I think we might literally have 3 independently owned coffee stands to every one Starbucks location (which is still on every corner) and both are always getting business. Coffee is everywhere here. Everywhere. At $3 a cup too. I worked at one of these coffee stands for a short amount of time and I learned a lot about people and their coffee.

Coffee and me:
Problem #1: I hate the flavor of coffee – and people – I was born here. (wtf?)
Problem #2: I want AND (feel like I) need the caffeine boost in the mornings to get everything going most days. But who want’s Redbull at 7 am?? Gross.

The coffee stand I worked at offered white coffee (as do most Washington Coffee Stands) and my manager made up a little something she thought I would like. Well I did – and now I drink it every day. Damn it (Haha).

Now I will drop some informative goodness upon you….

White coffee beans are just slightly roasted or sometimes not roasted at all. The longer you roast a bean – the less caffeine it will actually have though most people will associate black coffee with the highest caffeine content. For the longest time I heard that white coffee can be up to three times more caffeinated than a regular coffee roast and honestly I don’t know if that is because white coffee is only usually brewed as espresso or because it’s actually not roasted. Either way – it doesn’t have the taste or flavor of regular roasted coffee, which is actually what is the standard for most poeople. To be honest white coffee has more of a mild nutty flavor (not quite almond, maybe macadamia?) and somewhat acidic, it brew’s a tan looking espresso.

Ever Try White Coffee? Its perfect for those who dislike the flavor of regular coffee! Learn more at smartmomstuff.com!
Slightly nutty, mild, and acidic.

I personally buy my white coffee as pre-ground – they say unroasted beans are a b#tch to grind down… Though I actually have yet to see whole white coffee beans in the store.
I also have a personal espresso machine (I don’t believe white coffee grounds will work with regular drip machines). I have looked for a few espresso machines with cost in mind and you can see the one I think is the best deal here. *affiliate link*

I got a little bummed when writing this post because a quick google search would tell me that this white coffee is actually not as popular in other States and it might be somewhat tricky to find if you don’t have a brand. I reached out to the actual company that makes the coffee I buy and love, however they did not get back to me – buying from their website directly would be the way to go until I can find a brand that is bigger or easier to get Nationally.

I buy Lowery’s Wired Willy’s White Coffee. You can find it at Lowery’s Coffee!

I love to mix it with Ghiradelli Sweet Ground White Chocolate Powder and a shot or two of Da Vinci Toasted Marshmallow Syrup and a little bit of milk (It’s my drinkable rice-krispie-treat). You can find all kinds of espresso drink recipes on the internet though – just look for candy bar flavor combos like Snickers or Twix, they are huge favorites. What’s cool here is that the white coffee is almost like a blank caffeine canvas and I can add any flavors I want since it wont taste like regular (bitter in my opinion) coffee.

Do you like the flavor of coffee? Do you spend $3 or more everyday getting that coffee? If white coffee doesn’t sound like something you are interested in, a true regular coffee enthusiast should still consider obtaining the tools needed to make their coffee at home (for less!). In my opinion, my espresso machine paid for it’s dang self after a month of not going to the coffee stand everyday! Think about that one. Seriously.

I’ve been using my counter espresso machine for maybe 2 years now, and it recently dawned on me that I really don’t even like what most people consider coffee. Maybe other moms feel the same way? They should know there is a little life hack here that gives me my mom superpowers every morning and that it’s called – white coffee.

Check Lowery’s out! I can’t say anything about their roasted blends (they have a bunch) but I can’t say enough for their white coffee. I simply love it.

Have you ever tried or even heard of white coffee? Let me know in the comments below. I am curious to see if it has yet to make it’s way across the states. I think a lot people might be missing a good product here if so!




Dislike the Flavor of Coffee but Want the Caffeine?
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