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When I started out as a mom, my diaper bag was practically filled with our nursery… “Don’t forget to pack the huge can of formula!!!”

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^^ my fiance’s face every time…

So after hundreds of trips of getting ready to go and in reality actually taking longer than the errand itself – I started realizing how much of the crap I haven’t even utilized and began reprioritizing my diaper bag.

Now that my diaper bag needs have somewhat doubled due to the addition of my second son, I have found new ways to keep my diaper bag organized and not over-filled.

How to Pack and Organize your Diaper Bag - from a mom of two! smartmomstuff.com
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The Only 10 Diaper Bag Essentials you Need!

  1. Diapers – duh. I usually bring 4 (2 per child)
  2. Wipes (I keep some inside a ziplock for less bulkiness)
  3. A couple binkies and/or teethers
  4. An extra change of clothes
  5. Changing pad (most diaper bags come with one!)
  6. Burp Rags/Cloths
  7. A Mini-Med kit:
    -Nail Clippers
  8. Snacks! A small assortment of my favorite candy (sixlets), fruit chewies, snack bags of crackers or cookies from the house, apple sauce to-go packets. This might mean keeping a small tupperware of formula and a bottle filled with water if youre little one isn’t eating yet.
  9. My Wallet
  10. My Phone
    HERE’S YOUR LIFE SAVER ****An emergency note that lists mom’s cell, dad’s cell, and the phone numbers to our closest family members and the children’s doctors- in the event of an accident. I also keep one taped to each car seat because…you can’t have too many honestly…

“That’s still a lot of crap for a diaper bag though.”

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not sure if trolling….

WAIT- I like to section-ize these things to make access easier when I only have one hand to do it with or I am in a hurry (like always).

How to Pack and Organize your Diaper Bag from smartmomstuff.com
Categorize the items you have to pack!

Bag #1: “Baby Things” includes diapers, wipes, binkies, extra clothes, and burp rags.
Bag #2:  Snacks РI would keep formula and bottles here too if I had to bring them.
Bag #3: ¬†“Meds” – All the little things I do not want floating around my bag. Just a go-to packet when in need.
My wallet and phone usually go in the inside or front pocket for my ease of access. I like to keep it in the passenger seat when we are driving so my wallet is close by if we end up hitting a drive-thru while we are out.

Extra Diaper Bag Tip! For when you HAVE to bring a ton of crap:
Keep a larger basket in the back of your car to make carrying loads of groceries in easier or when you’re packing around extra items for your kiddo’s (things like baby wraps/carriers, blankets, toys, cart covers, etc.). Just trust me on that one.

Keep in mind that whatever you decide to keep all your kid’s necessities in doesn’t HAVE to be a “diaper bag”. By all means, rock the sh!t outta that ninja turtles backpack you love so much! (T- I see you!). Whatever works for you, since you have to carry all the crap anyways – put it in something you like and that is your style. My fiance will use his own bag when he is out with the kids and that way he doesn’t have to cart around a girly looking purse (even know everyone know’s what it’s for…) Get creative – this is your excuse to buy a new bag.



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What’s in my Diaper Bag?
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