Learn a few tips about familiarizing your baby with the word "No"! smartmomstuff.com

Learn how to use "no" with your baby to reduce ouchies and booboos! smartmomstuff.com
Natural Born Dare Devils

Shouting “No” at your newborn baby will not help anything – this little tip is for babies who are just starting to crawl around your home, whatever age that may be for your little one.

This is interesting to me because I didn’t know about this key process with my first son. The crawling stage is of course filled with bumps and bruises, it’s only natural as they start to prop themselves up and learn that they can independently move now.

Roe started crawling around 8 months I think? He was an early walker for sure, so we didn’t spend much time crawling – he’s a go-getter that one. As I knock on wood- we have yet to visit the ER for something super scary but we have had a few good run in’s with band-aids.

My second has been crawling for a few months now and he is getting really good at going up the stairs and zipping across the floor to greet Daddy after work. I like to let him crawl around because he loves to chase after his older brother (and I am pretty sure Big Bro like’s the attention). My occasional issue with this, is that my oldest will run up our small staircase to the our bedrooms and this leads the little one following right along. Like I said, he is great at going up the stairs but when big brother runs back down them, my little guy is obviously tempted to follow but will just tumble into a huge pile of ouchies if I let him…

Anytime my baby is doing something that might end in serious ouchies – I say or shout “No Lincoln!”

For the last few weeks of this, I have made sure I say a strict “No” to Lincoln (He is 10 months old now) in those situations where he will end up hurt. I make sure to only say it directly to him when he is in a vulnerable position of pain or contemplating something that will get him there (like crawling down the stairs). Our house does have 3 baby gates, so our most dangerous areas are always blocked off, but this particular stair case is used so frequently (we live in a split-level) that I have chosen not to use them here.

Since Lincoln has gotten very good at crawling, he has started climbing. He pull himself up to the couch, a chair, table legs, all those types of things. I obviously pay very close attention and am always close to hopefully catch him if he falls, though there are those moments during the day where I can’t be next to his active little self all the time and he will obviously still get into situations that might cause some crying. I am consistently using “No” with him anytime I see that ┬áhe might or will get hurt. We have NOW gotten to a great point where when I say “No”in a particular scary mom-like tone – BOTH my kids look at me for clarification. The baby will literally stop what he is doing and turn to look at me instead of barreling down the stairs or standing up in an unsafe spot.

I can’t say this will work for every one’s child – though I wish I would have known sooner because I think I used “No” probably way too much with my first child and that’s why it doesn’t mean crap to him unless I say it in a very serious tone. I might throw the mom-look in there too if it’s for my toddler specificially haha

Using “No!” effectively might save a few tumbles down your stairs or reduce a few ouchies along the “toughening up” part of learning to move around and crawl.

So far….(still knocking on that wood)….We have not yet endured a stair-tumbling with my youngest. I do think this way of familiarizing the child with “no” is smart in that it should be related in seriousness to the baby’s age. You are obviously not going to yell “No” at your baby for every little thing he or she might do that you do not like (this is where picking and choosing our battles comes in) will result in “No” losing it’s effectiveness. Keep it to serious matters until they can understand reasoning a little better. My toddler and I are currently in the “Why?” stage – so “No” with him is a tad bit easier at times. (He’s still a two-year-old though, don’t get me wrong).

Please share this with the new mommy’s in your life!
If you have a little one that is not quite crawling or close to, use this tip to try using “No” with them in a manner to build a healthy relationship with this particular “n-word”.


Learn a few tips about familiarizing your baby with the word "No"! smartmomstuff.com
Babies are natural born dare devils


Familiarizing Your Baby with “No”
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