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The other night sitting in bed with my fiance, I was thinking about his perspective of caring for our children. Do men have the same issues as women when it comes to common parenting issues?

In our family, I do most of the caring for our little ones since he works more than full time. Every once and a while I will need a little break though…

“Babe can you watch the kiddo’s this weekend while I go help my mom bake?”


This scenario can happen many different ways but you get the idea…

Whether you’re going to be a new dad, a stay-at-home dad, babysitting, or maybe got stuck in a situation you aren’t normally in with small children, here’s a few tips to keep you a float.

10+ Tips for Dads

  1. Turn on some of your favorite music. Dance – get into a good/better mood with the kiddos. Let them see you be you.
  2. Take these opportunities to share your own childhood t.v shows and toys with your little ones. Get nostalgic.
  3. Keep a small basket filled with wipes, diapers, binkies, bibs, burp cloths, some old remotes or cell phones (to distract for diaper changes) and maybe keep a bag of cheez-it’s in there for you to munch on.
  4. Have your wife/baby momma on speed dial. Seriously….
  5. Make your own mom number two on that list. Yeah, you read that right too.Tips for New Dads from
  6. Keep the sink full of hot soapy water to toss dirty dishes and bottles into as they are being used. Keep the clutter off the counter and make it easier to clean up later. (Momma will love youuuu.)
  7. Honestly, don’t even think about eating something you aren’t willing to share in front of your toddler. Honestly, don't even think about eating something you aren't willing to share in front of your… Click To Tweet
  8. Some moms might disagree with me on this one- About an hour or so from bed time, get your kiddos on the floor and play. Play some peekaboo, tickle them, build a little blanket fort. Get them tired out and gradually bring them down to reading some books. If you have a bedtime routine follow it – but I suggest having some tiring fun before the routine.
  9. Remember to discipline and pull out the daddy card if necessary. Enforce rules that mommy does – you guys are a team and there shouldn’t be a ‘good or bad guy’ in this situation.
  10. If your kiddos are sick and you aren’t normally the one to care for them – double, even triple check any amounts of medicine dosages you offer your little one for pain. Here’s a collection of infographics regarding important things like this!
  11. When in doubt- read the directions. Google it. Youtube it. The internet can be a great resource when it’s not a life threatening situation. You might even be able to impress your dad friends with a hack or two!
  12. Fussy baby? Take them outside (bundle up if it’s cold). Get them some fresh air and point out the trees or any cars you see.
  13. When feeding little ones, go with “better safe than sorry” and cut things into a million pieces if necessary. Fact: Babies that are choking are not happy babies. Think soft foods like avocado and applesauce or little puff snacks and cheerios. *Double check on those allergies too* Need some toddler meal ideas? Fact: Babies that are choking are not happy babies. Click To Tweet

Okay man, no pressure. You can do this! Now go turn on some Johnny Quest and get to playing with those little goofballs!


If you need more tips for dads or tips for dealing with tougher babies you can view my post, “20 Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby“!




Tips for Dads: 10+ Ways to keep your cool while you’re with your littles!
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