Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Beef in 20 minutes! Smartmomstuff.com

Have an awesome spaghetti sauce with ground beef in 30 minutes! Smartmomstuff.com
Simple Ingredients – Easy to stock up on

Is spaghetti not the CUTEST yet messiest meal you can feed a baby? I love the noodle faces though 🙂

Aside from it being a hot red mess with the little ones (which I advise planning ahead with cleaning in mind there), I’m willing to bet a majority of families eat spaghetti for dinner at least a few times a month. And if you don’t….Why the heck not??!

It’s freaking easy to make, wallet friendly, you can easily stock needed ingredients, and duh – ultimate comfort food!

So I actually make it for my family more like once a week – though we have pasta dinners maybe 2-3 times a week in other dishes- Chicken Lazone from PlainChicken is also a frequent dinner in our home. I would totally recommend it!

This means I usually keep a good stock of these ingredients in the pantry:

  • Tomato Sauce – I try to buy these in bulk when there are on sale
  • Black Olives – “..buy in bulk “
  • Angelhair Pasta (Daddy’s fave) – “…at sale prices”
  • Ground Beef (Prepped and frozen in dinner portions – you can see a post about how I do that here) – “Buy extra in sales specials”
  • Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder (As I use this ALL very often in cooking) – “Duh.”

So now that I usually have all these ingredients stocked – they are all very common, I can use this spaghetti really as a more simple dish for the those nights that I don’t have the energy to cook longer than a half hour.
I serve the spaghetti sauce with ground beef as I have said, but by all means- the spices and vegetables you can add are totally to your preference and liking – go meatless and have veggie spaghetti if you want!

I also roast some broccoli that is lightly tossed in coconut oil and salted into the oven (reduces top stove action) and then broil/toast some bread (I also buy sandwich rolls in bigger packages and use them for dinner breads) with butter then sprinkle it with a little salt, garlic and oregano for a little garlic toast to dip my sauce in (My son is a huge dipper too! Get’s him to eat more sauce than noodles).

Tip- I like to set up everything I need before I actually like to start cooking. Often times the kids are in the kitchen when I am cooking and getting to things when I need them can be tricky. It does save me a little time and frustration to fill my pots up with water, grab their lids, line any pans with foil, preheat anything and grab the right utensils (tongs, pot holders, strainers) so they are within arms reach when I need them.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Beef
Prep: 5 mins   Complete: 30 mins Serves 3 Adults (Or two and some leftovers!)

Needed Ingredients:

1 lb ground beef (the less the fat percentage – the more meat you end up with)
12 oz of Pasta (You’re choice really but we like angelhair – it’s about 2/3’s of a 16 oz package)
15 oz Tomato Sauce (I use Hunts and get the best deal at Winco usually)
6 oz Black Olives (that’s half a large can of olives, I slice them usually and we snack on the other half while we cook dinner to be totally honest)
1/2 tbsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Oregano Flakes
Salt to taste
Pepper taste
– Buy all means, add anything your little heart desires! This is just a basic staple you can build on or keep easy.


-Fill your pasta pot, salt the water, turn on med. high to high and put on the lid.
-Begin cooking your hamburger (medium heat) in a large enough pan to serve the sauce in – season lightly with salt and pepper.
-As the meat is cooking I will start slicing olives (adding them to a bowl to toss into the sauce later).
-Strain your meat when it’s done cooking, then rinse and wipe out the pan while the meat is straining – toss it back into the pan when it is clean. *(Saves you from a greasy sauce)*
-Rinse the strainer – you’ll use it for the pasta shortly!
-Open and tomato sauce and add to meat back onto the stove, toss in the olives and spices – let it simmer while you taste and adjust.

Pop that pasta in as soon as your water is boiling, leave the lid off and let the sauce simmer on low while you wait or the pasta.

This is usually the time I am broiling the bread and pulling the broccoli out, getting plates ready and all that jazz.

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Comfort food in 30 minutes that most kiddo’s enjoy as a family meal -or at least mine do.

I want to see the noodle faces on instagram!
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Happy Monday Mommas 🙂



P.S – Do you need a meal planner this week? You can find them here on the downloads page!


Simple Spaghetti Sauce with Ground Beef
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