Peach and Banana Baby Food for your 6-12 month old!

Use frozen fruits when they are out of season to increase your baby's food pallet! #smartmomstuff
Fresh or Frozen – Your choice!

Are you seeing a theme in these Recipes?
Peaches and Bananas, Avocado with Banana, Butternut Squash and…BANANAS.

I use bananas in almost every baby food puree I’ve ever made for my now 10-month-old. I know he’s not allergic to it, I usually buy them for my toddler as well (so they are always around), and a banana will actually give most mixes that perfect creamy consistency you want for the earlier eaters in your life.

Anywhoosier – Peaches and maybe you guessed it – bananas.

So peaches aren’t always the cheapest even when they are in season, but it’s a common enough flavor to attempt to get into your baby’s pallet. So fresh or frozen will be fine – I used frozen for these pictures.

Baby Food Made Simple @
Peaches – Puree – Banana – Puree
  1. I let them thaw in their bag for a little bit before tossing them into my favorite food processor *affiliate link*, maybe 10 minutes just on the counter top.
  2. Toss them into the processor and get them going – it should turn into a chunky slushy like consistency.
  3. Stop to throw in your banana. (I broke into about four chunks and gave my toddler a piece – nanner lover there)
  4. Puree until your spoonable thickness for an icecube tray and boom you just made breakfast for your 6 to 12 month old for the next week.

Head’s up – 32 oz bag of peaches and 2 bananas got me 2 icecube trays total of food plus a small bowl to taste test 🙂

Using a banana in most baby food puree will add the PERFECT consistency! #smartmomstuff… Click To Tweet

Additional Ideas:

  • Add in some oatmeal for the kiddo to make thicker if needed!
  • Add yogurt to get your little one some healthy probiotics!
  • Use in YOUR breakfast smoothies to creatively add fruits and vegetables!
  • Add cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, or other coordinating spices for flavor depth (If using in smoothies).
32 oz Peaches and 2 Bananas will produce 2 icecube trays worth of meals for your 6-12 month-old! #smartmomstuff #homemadebabyfood
Spoon into a tray – freeze – then package!

I literally tricked my fiance into licking this off a spoon because it looks like ice cream.
Guess what? He liked it!

Let me know in the comments below: How did this mixture work out for you! Did you add anything to ‘bump it up’?


Peaches with Banana Puree
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