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My fiance works a lot. Like a lot a lot. But he doesn’t work too far from home and he does get to sleep in our bed every day/night.¬†This means I stay with our small children right now. A lot. This is my job and I am happy and very appreciative to have it this way – though I do miss my man- again: a lot.

We want more mommy-daddy time- what about you?

Staying at home can be a tough decision. Working can be a tough decision. Being a parent is tough period. Beyond being a mommy or daddy to your little ones — it’s often easy to forget that you deserve some alone time as well as more time for your relationship.

I know it’s not just us, but most nights my fiance and I DO get to spend together at home- we like to watch t.v or work on our own little projects after the kiddo’s get tucked into bed.

This time of the day in our home is for mommy and daddy. We each have our own favorite t.v shows or we watch a few of them together as well. When we don’t feel like relaxing quite yet we both work on our own personal little projects, he likes to design board games and I obviously blog. There is no problem with this situation but the reality is that even when we watch t.v or movies together – more often than not we are both on and off of our cell phones. A lot of those nights we are talking and interacting but we aren’t truly valuing the time we have together.

We feel as though we miss each other sometimes so my fiance came to me with a super easy idea that I loved and wanted to share with other couples!

Stop “hanging out” and enjoy each¬†other by planning the occasional ‘no cell phone night’ with your partner!

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A couple times every month, where the days seem to line up well and no plans will interfere in a nice night at home with my family, my fiance and I try to plan a “no cell phone night”. This is where as soon as the kiddo’s are in bed and asleep, we do the same with our phones and tuck them away as well.

It just becomes you and your significant other and what you guys would like to do together.

  • Play some board games you already own or find a card game you guys can enjoy.
  • Read a new book to each other and pass off with with every page – we are doing this with Harry Potter!
  • Find a new series on Netflix or Hulu that you can binge on together! Try Sons of Anarchy!
  • Along with board games, my fiance and I used to play WoW together (before the kiddos!) – maybe this is up your alley? Video games?
  • Watch a new movie you both haven’t seen or instigate a Star Wars Marathon for the two of you to recap on for the new December release!

Whatever you guys choose to do, do it together.

Look forward to this night! Try to make it fun and let it grow and add value back into your relationship. I feel like it’s important in a relationship to make the relationship important to you. Use this time to get close again or even closer for that matter! I like to think of them as mini-dates because I do get just as excited for them as I would when we do get the pleasure of having a dinner date or some real alone time. This is a nice way to stay at home (with the kids) and actually feel like you are getting some true mommy-daddy time in the comfort of your own home.


Without all the distractions of the notifications, instant messages, feeds, emails and work calls – You can declare it a special night with your significant other where no one else in the world can interfere with some true time of togetherness.

What couple doesn’t want more depth in their relationship? Don’t let the everyday grind get between you and your loved ones. It’s great to feel special and appreciated- this specific time that we set aside for our relationship has given us the ability to feel closer within our day-to-day routines. It’s been a great little date night for us when we do make the time for them.

Try instigating a “no cell phone night” with your partner to liven up your relationship and stay close through the day to day grind that every set of parents falls into!

Please share this with couples or women that you know need some true alone time with their significant other!


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What do you and your spouse like to do together?

How to: Get More Mommy-Daddy Time
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