Learn how I save money on my cable with a streaming media player! smartmosmtuff.com!

Learn how I save money on my cable with a streaming media player! smartmosmtuff.com!
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Do you hate your cable bill? I freaking do but luckily enough I found a happy medium where I can reduce the bill without cutting tons of options for my family to watch!

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I have had all the available cable companies in my service area. I honestly don’t love ANY of them. It’s crazy how a business monopoly can still exist like these ones do. My current cable and internet provider had my monthly bill around $150 for basic cable (I believe all the main channels- nothing fancy except the introductory promo channels that last 90 days). This included what we pay for internet as well, we have high speed internet and use wifi on almost all of our little devices here.

I couldn’t tell you what each individually was costing us because it was from  months ago honestly but at the time of doing this – my purpose was to just lower our monthly bill in whatever way I might be offered through customer service. You know they will jump through tons of hoops and offers to keep you from downgrading your service. Luckily we were not in a contract and a month to month agreement had been set when we started with them. I try to go through our bills every year and see what new discounts or offers might be newly available to us – maybe I will get lucky and save us some money.

It was last Spring that my parents had just purchased a streaming media player from Amazon and my father was raving about how awesome it was as an addition to their little family room. I didn’t quite understand what a streaming media player was but after a family dinner and doing some playing around on theirs – it was awesome. They bought a Roku 2. This awesome little box of greatness loads all your known television channel’s “apps” and you can use them to watch the shows you love! Google and Amazon also make their own streaming media players but through researching them, I found that the Roku brand would be the most family friendly with the most options available to our likes.

The Roku streaming media player has seriously changed the game for us. I recommend it to everyone now! Especially those with small children looking to save money in easy ways!

Learn how these will cut your cable bill! smartmomstuff.com!
The Roku 2 and Roku HDMI

For example, PBS Kids has one of these apps (you might have it on your phone for your littles – if you don’t, you should because it’s free and comes in handy when I need to distract the kiddos for any normal reason). Most, if not all the apps are free to download onto your Roku Player – some of the apps require subscription services like Netflix or Hulu. This was great for us because we were already paying for Netflix on top of our cable/internet bill! Best of all, the Roku is incredibly easy to use – the interface is awesome and walks you through all the connections and set-ups! I should make it clear that streaming media players require a wifi connection to work so internet will still be necessary when utilizing this! Please remember that!

I was able to reduce our cable bill by over 50 dollars per month by completely getting rid of our cable and only purchasing internet capabilities.

Next thing I know, I am sold on this little player and I realized that I could essentially get rid of the cable portion of the bill, use this Roku for our Netflix (as well as a few other App Channels we love – like A&E, E!, ABC – all free!) and see how we survive without the convenience of cable. Guess what? It ain’t as hard as I thought it would be because I have found a few other bonuses along the way! Plus my 2 year old can whiz through all the channels and the shows to find what he wants to watch. The remote comes with individual buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a few others for direct access!

Read how I saved money on our cable with buy getting a Roku! smartmomstuff.com
Great for families!

Ditch the cable and still save enough to add a new streaming subscription!

I purchased the Roku HDMI Streaming Stick from Amazon. I loved it so much, I bought the Roku 1 for my older television that didn’t have an HDMI input in it. The Roku HDMI stick is around $50 dollars and in my thinking – paid for it’s damn self within the first few months of buying with how much I was saving on the cable! Money well spent in my opinion.

After I cut our bill from around $150 to a little under $95 dollars per month (by dropping the cable from our package) – I was able to also justify a new monthly payment for a Hulu account ($7.99 per month) because I would still be saving a little over $40 dollars a month! Hulu was a great add because it offer’s a wider variety of the latest shows on cable and they usually add them to the available to watch list 24 hours after they are live on air! 24 hours is worth waiting for when I am saving that much in my cable bill anyways. Plus my kiddos have much more available to watch as well AND (I don’t know if you will relate – but Hulu has a HUGE anime section and my fiance is a pretty big fan of Anime shows that aren’t super popular on cable!) – so triple bonus in that aspect 😉

To be completely straight and honest with you – between Netflix and Hulu and all the free channel apps – I can still virtually watch anything I like AND anytime I like!
It’s like having the On-Demand feature 24/7 but much much cheaper!

Reality Check: The cost of Netflix and Hulu subscriptions combined are STILL cheaper than paying… Click To Tweet

If you aren’t sure which Roku model is best for you, I would recommend checking out all the different capabilities each one has at their product website. I had to do a little research with my first purchase so I was sure that it would work with our television correctly. They make a model for almost every type of television out there 🙂 The HDMI stick seemed the best to me because I could easily move it from the living room to the bedroom if I wanted to use it on a different television (when we only had one). It’s not necessary to get a Roku player for every television in your home but you might want to with how nice it is to lower that damn cable bill.

Anywhoosier, I hope this little money saving trick will help you if you have yet to learn about streaming media players. It’s especially convincing if you already use and love Netflix or Hulu.
Stop giving extra money to the cable guys! See if a streaming media player would save you some money!





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    Brand Quality


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        • One time purchase!
        • Family Friendly
        • Reduces cable bill


        • Limited access to live shows
        • Some apps require subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu)
        • Wifi Required!
        How To: Save Money on Cable
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        15 thoughts on “How To: Save Money on Cable

          1. Soooo expensive. Netflix has become essential in my life. My fiance on the other hand will go spendcrazy at the movie store and it’s scary!! Lol

        1. Great blog post; It’s always good to get some tips on how to cut back. We got rid of the sports channels and use a streaming device instead as well; the cost is ludicrous otherwise.

        2. Oooh funnily enough, this morning I have been on the phone to our cable TV/internet/phone provider as our bill just keeps going up and up. I was wondering whether there would be any cheaper options. I’ll need to look into what similar devices we have here in the UK.

          1. I sure hope so! But if you have a hard time finding one – cable companies will always break their backs helping you with deals if you claim to be no longer interested in their service!

        3. Roku is fabulous! My Godparents have it in their house & I was totally in love with the system. Our internet is a bit too slow for it at the moment but this is definitely on our radar. If we purchase in the future I’ll be sure to do so via your site. Great review x

          1. Thank you!! My internet goes through weird phases sometimes but I have currently been looking into an amplifier to make our wifi stronger without having to get the next step up in internet!

        4. This is a great post and very apt for me right now as just last night we were discussing how expensive our Sky bill is … and we mainly watch Netflix which is just a fraction of the cost. Im going to google the ‘Roku’ now … I hope I can get it in England! great post, Anna x

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