Use your favorite chips or crackers are your next breadcrumb coating! #smartmomstuff

Let’s say…..

…You have a recipe calling for a breadcrumb coating or maybe you want a crispy breading on a vegetable like some zucchini….

Makes veggies bomb y’all!

Chances are- you have anywhere from 2-5 bags of half empty chips and crackers? (Most likely…)
Maybe it looks something like this in your pantry?


Maybe they are going stale or it’s basically to the point within the bag that there’s no absolute full crackers or chips left but kind of a waste to just throw away….

I HATE THAT. So I started experimenting with using them in different coatings for dinner meats and that sort of thing.

I found out a few things…

  1. Awesomely resourceful – much less waste since we practically consume the whole package this way.
  2. Creativity with ease – Mango Habanero Chicken? Yummm. Like really yumm.
  3. Different chips and crackers give different rates of crispy-crunchiness of a coating which makes the task of making a ‘crispy’ coating much easier! (Crackers = Crispy, Chips = Crunchy)

Shout out to my trusty, all-too convenient Food Processor *affiliate link* – how I love you sooo…..

So basically I choose the bag of crumbs I like to save up, in this case Parmesan Pita Chips, Wheat Thins, Graham Crackers, Doritos and  some Mango Habanero Kettle Chips.
I will go through and process the contents that are left and store them into a ziplock bag or a glass canning jar depending on how often I use them.

I use graham or ritz cracker crumbs a lot so they usually end up in a jar with a label since they have become so consistent.

Process up half-empty bags of chips for a ready-to-use crunchy coating mix! #smartmomstuff
Have mixes ready to use and reduce food waste! #smartmomstuff

When I’m meal planning, I take note of the meats or vegetables we need to use up and how I might be able to utilize some of this crunchy deliciousness just waiting for something to stick to. When It comes time to start making that dinner, I will execute coating whatever I have planned like I have explained in this recipe here concerning How to get a Crispy Coating (flour, egg dip, crumb coating).

Make planning dinners easier by having a variety of flavor ideas that your family already loves! #smartmomstuff
Resourceful use of otherwise wasted food! 🙂

Get creative!
Your favorite crackers or chips just because an addition to your dinner dishes! Use your pantry to inspire some awesome tasting vegetables your kid might actually eat using their favorite snack food. Doritos Chicken anyone? I’m not sure of a small child or grown man for that matter that wouldn’t be interested in trying a meal like that….


Inventory + Meal Plan + Shopping List
Use this inventory list, meal planner and shopping list to get your meals organized for the whole week!

If you haven’t seen or utilized this free printable meal planner – try it and see how it works for your ‘dinner rush anxiety’!
(Just Right-Click and Save-As)

Wanna read more about how I use this printable to my benefit – read the post here!








How to: Homemade Breadcrumb Coating
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