Crispy Chicken - Fried then Baked from!

Crispy Chicken - Fried then Baked from!
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We love crispy chicken around here and I finally found a way to make it perfect every time with ingredients I normally have on hand.

When I say crispy chicken, what I mean  is similar to fried chicken –  it’s has a crispy/crunchy coating and juicy white meat on the inside. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out the whole “oven fried chicken” and I am not interested in getting a huge fryer to fill with oil and have on my counter all the time. So the best way that I have found to get a nice crunchy coating on this chicken breast is to bread it – fry it lightly – then shortly bake it.

This is not as time consuming as it sounds if you have pre-portioned out your dinner meats for the family (in this case chicken) and using a pre-made breadcrumb coating made from crackers your family likes to eat (our’s is Ritz Crackers). You can find a post on pre-portioning your meat here – It saves me tons of time during the dinner rush at my house. You can also find tips for making breadcrumbs for a coating from your favorite chips or crackers here!

You will need to set up your coating station.
Mine usually looks like this.

Flour - Egg Dip - Breadcrumbs! Crispy Chicken every time @
The Coating Station

I have a bowl for flour (with salt and pepper) to coat the bare chicken breast in. (Picture shows chicken portions already floured)
I have a bowl with the egg (used as a binder) to dip the floured chicken into.
The third bowl is with the breadcrumbs and any seasonings I want to add in with the breading (I use garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper for savory dishes – but you could put your own spin on this to taste).
***Add a spoonful of cornstarch to your breadcrumb mixture for the perfect crispiness – weird but true tip**

Crispy Fried Chicken - Customizable to so many dishes! #smartmomstuff
Set-up for success!

Place your coated chicken onto a plate (You can see my paper plate on top there) or pan (line it with foil for easier clean up) as you move on to your other portions of chicken.
After washing up your hands, begin heating a larger frying pan with a cooking oil on medium high (I use grapeseed or coconut oil – you need a little more than what covers the bottom of the pan) *We are not deep frying here people – just enough to brown one side nicely)

Routine for the perfect crispy chicken every time!
Line up for easy transferring with minimal mess!

As the oil is heating – check if it’s ready by tossing a small piece of the coating into the oil – it should bubble and sizzle or wait until it does.
Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees so it should be ready in time for the baking step.
Prep a sheet pan with foil and a rack for your oven as the pieces of chicken finish frying (be sure to spray the rack with nonstick).

When your oil is ready:
Add your chicken one piece at a time, be sure not to overcrowd them – leaving enough room to flip later (about 4-5 minutes – but keep your eye on them).

Flip when they are golden brown and crispy, then transfer them to your baking rack as they finish up one by one.
Pop your chicken into the oven for 12-15 minutes – use this time to finish up side dishes, set the table, or “rush-clean” the dinner prep mess.

Crispy Oven Fried Chicken by
Perfectly crispy 12-15 mins @ 400

This crispy chicken is the perfect adaptable recipe for many types of dishes. Honestly I use this process 2-3 times a week in different dinners we frequently have.

I make it for:

  • Chicken Parmesan with angelhair pasta and a meatless tomato marinara sauce for “Italian Night”.
  • Crispy Chicken Buffalo (or regular- your choice!) Sandwiches with Homemade Jojo’s for lunches or dinners!
  • Coconut Chicken (I sub the Ritz Crackers for graham crackers and add coconut to the breading mixture for a sweeter crunchy coating).
  • Chicken Fried Steak – just add a white pepper gravy (learn to make from scratch here), some mashed potatoes and corn and you got yourself some awesome comfort food.

It’s one of our family favorites and for me – it’s routine to make at this point but I trust you will love it too. Maybe even your little ones!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of it – I am curious how it worked out for you or how we can make it better!


How to: Crispy Chicken
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