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Does your significant other occasionally need a slight hint that you need some help or can’t do something on your own?

I introduce to you – the official honey do list! Or maybe it should be called the “honey please do” list. But you know what I mean…

I usually end up writing a whole bunch of things down on a post-it when I realize I need a little helping doing some of the things around the house, whether it’s because I am to small or it physically takes two people. Some jobs are just meant to be done by the men in our lives to be honest (I don’t know how to change the oil in my car!)

To make it less maddening, I’ve tried to implement nicer ways of understanding when these tasks can hopefully be completed. I used “most important” and “sooner rather than later” to express timeliness.

If you’re thinking, yeah right- why husband wont use this crap! Well guess what? You won’t really know until you try it! Or at least ask haha!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s free printable! I love making these – suggestions are always welcome!
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Printable: The Honey Do List!
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