Halloween is just around the corner and I haven’t actually decided what my toddler is going to be??! I suppose it his choice – though I don’t think he totally get’s it yet so I did a little searching around to see what is available this year!

All these costumes are available online through Walmart for under $30 (Some are as low as $10) – your selection will be limited in store unless you get there soon!

With the new Marvel movies and the return of Star Wars, this year’s Halloween costumes are super fun for young and old! They even made traditional boy costumes (Like Darth Vader) available to girls who want to join the dark side as well!

Great selection this year in my opinion – and Halloween is getting better with every year now that my children will start bringing more candy home for me to teach them about “taxes” with….haha!

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All available from Wal-Mart.Com – just a few I thought would be popular this year. Enjoy!

Child Jedi Costume – $25.94

Child Batman Costume – $20.51

Child Sully from Monsters Inc – $26.10

Child size The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland – $19.86

Toddler Size Captain Hook – $22.80

Child Doc McStuffins – $23.21

Child Size Harry Potter – $25.98

Girl Child Darth Vader!! (Awesome right??) – $27.94

Finally! Girls get to be join the Imperial Empire too! Check out all the Star Wars Costumes this… Click To Tweet

TMNT Donatello Child Size Costume – $27.14

Child Banana Costume (YASSS) – $15.72

Mike Child Costume from Monsters Inc – $23.99

Frodo Child Costume (This is getting to be a tougher choice for my family….) – $26.60

Child Police Officer Costume! – $17.42

Boys Child Size Darth Vader Costume – $24.73

SuperGirl Childrens Costume (Umm..YES!) – $24.35

Superman Child Boys Costume – $24.67

Abrahram Lincoln Children’s Costume (This cracked me up) – $25.94

Toddler Spiderman Costume – $10.50

Toddler WonderWoman Costume (Do little girl superhero costumes make you melt too??) – $24.33

Toddler Dinosaur Costume (So cute!!) – $20.53

Toddler Train Engineer Costume – $27.68

Ewok Toddler Costume from Star Wars (Because your husband will love this!) – $19.99

Toddler R2D2 (Too cute if you had multiple kiddos!!) – $22.99

Toddler Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume! (These are the costumes you are looking for *waves hand* ha!!) – $19.26

Toddler Girly Pumpkin Costume 🙂 – $18.93

Baby Banana (so you can have your little bunch o’ nanners) – $15.95

Baby Cinderella Outfit – $19.45

Baby Tootsie Roll – perfect for little ones! – $18.45

Baby Spiderman (To prep for obsession you know will happen) – $24.83

Baby Wonderwoman! (*heart melted a long time ago*) – $12.04

Toddler Robin Costume (SO CUTE FOR BROTHERS!) – $21.16

Baby WonderWoman Onesie!! – $24.47

Infants Buzz Lightyear 🙂 – $13.80

Okay that is all for the cuteness today – hopefully you got a few ideas for your little one’s costume this year! It’s going to be so awesome for the toddlers and children to join the Star Wars era with us parents!

Do you have a family costume theme or do your children get to pick their own?

Halloween is coming fast – All costumes seen here under $30 – some as low as $13! Check them out!


Halloween Costumes under $30
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