New to staying-at-home? Use my daily routine to create one for your family to feel more productive!

Create a routine that’s easy to follow while being SuperMom at the same time!

New to staying-at-home? Use my daily routine to create one for your family to feel more productive!

Between all the meal prep, snack packing, diaper changing and nap times, I sometimes feel like grocery shopping, cleaning, and other errands tend to pile up. It’s been tough finding a way to get all the things that need to be done – actually done in a timely manner. Some bills get forgotten, some meals turn into fast food dinners, and sometimes events or plans end up getting cancelled because of poor planning on my part. Having two little children at home and finding a way to adjust to their needs while tending to a seemingly never-ending to-do list feels super overwhelming sometimes. Never mind anything my fiance might need from me….

“So….What do you do ALL day??” – Parent’s that don’t stay at home.


There’s a lot of crap to do when you stay at home.
Besides the obvious parental duties, you automatically become your family’s accountant, chauffeur, personal chef, receptionist, shopper, and maid. I know I forgot a ton of other things but I know you get the point.

How do you get EVERYTHING done?
-I don’t.

But implementing a basic routine in my day has allowed me to time-block all the necessary things I have to do on a daily basis. This routine keeps my home fairly clean and organized, my children get plenty of meals and sleep, and I also seemlingly get 1,0001 and things done within a strategic manner. When I don’t follow this routine (perhaps when I am sick or just in a personal slump), I tend to feel lost within my day. Sort of like I am just waiting for the next thing to be done to somehow present it’s self. When this happens, the laundry piles up, I spend more money on fast foods, I feel tired and my children seem to be extra moody….These are all things I really don’t enjoy or am not particularly proud of.

Having a routine to follow and actually doing it gives me a sense of accomplishment and control within all the chaos of parenting as it is.

Find or create a routine that you can easily schedule to your family:

  • Organizing your day according to what your family needs will help you stay productive while staying at home.
  • Create consistency within your children’s day to reduce tantrums when your child ┬ábegins to learn what to expect next!
  • Help manage time and anxiety by sticking to a routine that helps you accomplish all your non-parental duties too!

I took some time to write down how our day’s typically go lately. This can help any parent with one infant or toddler as well as having one of each- like me.
I tried to keep in mind all the necessary naps for their age groups and chunks of time for personal duties as well.

Stay At Home Mom Routine by! Find a way to get yourself and time organized while staying at home wit the kids!
Our Typical Day’s

As you can see, our day’s run from about 6 am to 9 or 10 pm. I typically try to get up a little before the kiddos but if I choose not to, I don’t actually fall behind on anything, I just might get dressed a little later. My youngest still takes two naps currently while my oldest only takes one longer nap now. I use nap times and quiet play to catch up on bills or housework. Any errands I might need to run will be done after my youngest’s first nap and before the second or after they have both taken all their naps for the day. They can wake up anywhere from shortly before 6 am and I consistently try to get them into their beds by 7 pm. Though they may not fall asleep right away, they have gotten used to going in there and settling down around that time. Mommy time or Mommy and Daddy time can officially start when the kiddos are tucked in. I use this time to catch up on personal hobbies, showering, spending time with my fiance or doing blog research.

Often times the day of the week will dictate what type of daily chores or errands should be done. Trash and Laundry can be done the same days every week in my home but errands like grocery shopping and going to the bank need to be planned out around appointments or my fiance’s work schedule.

I offer this reference sheet to our daily routine to hopefully help any new mom’s that feel lost in their new position as a stay-at-home-parent. It can definitely be upgraded and more specific to adjust to your family’s needs. I tried not to use specific timing because our day is never exactly on schedule and I know many parents can relate to that.

You can find out more about how I prep for my days – especially in the mornings right here.
It’s what really helps me get into a good mood and feel active enough on the days I would normally want to just lay around.

Please use and share this daily routine to help you and other stay-at-home parent’s feel productive in their homes!



Establishing a Routine at Home
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