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Boil – Let Cool – Puree

Carrots are a great food to start early with your little one.

They mush up perfectly after being steamed and are have a very mild flavor that can be added to so many different mixes. I try to use up any bananas we have in the kitchen while I am making baby food for my youngest son. They add the perfect consistency to all the purees I make for him, though soon I am going to transition to chunkier mixes (and you’re invited too!)

Carrots and Banana Puree – this is a super simple one. You can choose to buy fresh or frozen carrots. This post was made with a small bag of fresh carrots from my local grocer’s produce department.

If you want to make this even easier, you can leave the banana out – the carrots will puree fine on their own. Like I said, I always have them around and they are a known allergy safe food for my children.

Super easy process!

  • I rinsed my carrots first, and then threw them in a small sauce pot with some water to heat up and boil.
  • Next, drain them and let them cool while you set up your food processor *affiliate link*.
  • Toss those suckers in and grind away! They look a bit like sliced almonds at first and will continue to break down as you puree – though this is where I would add a banana to speed the process along.
  • Continue pureeing until your preferred consistency and begin spooning the puree into a couple icecube trays or feed your baby straight from the mixer if they are hankering! Ha Mine was.
  • Toss them into a freezer then ziplock ┬áthem later to use throughout the rest of the week for lunch or dinners.
Pureed Carrots with Bananas for your 6-12 month old!
Puree your baby some food!

Feel free to add anything you have laying around the house to bulk these purees up – try applesauce, oatmeal, other fruits and veggies – simple spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

In total I used two bananas and the full bag of carrots (which was a smaller bag of baby carrots). This produced two full icecube trays of food for my little one. I freeze them overnight and transfer them into a ziplock the next day.

I like to keep at least two different purees in the freezer at all times but obviously you can have as many as you want. In the beginning of making your own baby food, it’s safer to stick to the purees you trust do not bother your child’s stomach – finding food allergies is not fun. Slow and simple is the way to go here.

How to prep your homemade baby food!

Prepping these icecube purees is very easy too. I pull them out ahead of time if I know we are leaving somewhere and throw them into a travel bowl with a lid, toss in some applesauce and it’s usually ready to go by the time we need to eat it if we are out and about or someone is babysitting them.

At home I will pull a couple cubes out and set them in the microwave for 15 seconds. Add some applesauce or cereal, mix and mash it up, toss it back in the microwave for 10 more seconds and it’s ready to eat for my little hungry lovebug.

Make your own baby food! It's cheaper and wholesome!
Easy to prep and feed!

Soon I will introduce how I make purees with meats like chicken so you can see how I implement them into my 10 month old’s diet. It’s not much harder, just a few more steps when dealing with meats – food borne illness can be scary so extra attention is needed when cooking them for babies.

If your baby is not ready for meats you can find a few simple fruit and vegetable puree mixes on this page.

Please let me know in the comments!
What types of meats do you guys buy often enough for your family – that you are willing to implement them into your baby’s food at no additional cost?
Do you buy chicken regularly? Ground beef? Let me know so I can make purees that will work for you and your family’s budget!! There’s no sense (just extra cents) in buying convenience baby food jars.

Let’s make baby food budget friendly and easy enough for you to make at home!



Carrots with Banana Puree
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