20 ways to calm your fussy baby from smartmomstuff.com

20 ways to calm your fussy baby from smartmomstuff.com 20 Ideas to Calm a Fussy Baby

Okay momma’s – we’ve all been there: sometimes it’s during the day – most the time it seems to happen at night when we are at our most tired. For whatever reason – your little lovebug isn’t sleeping or being particularly fussy and you’re not quite sure what the heck happened…


It’s cool – don’t worry! I’ve got you boo.
Here’s a list of 20 Ideas that calmed my super-fussy baby to a point where we could both get back to sleep!

To calm a fussy baby can be tough and emotionally draining – try these ideas and find the solution that works best for your family.

Some will be obvious – some are often overlooked…

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20 Ideas to Calm a Fussy Baby

For Starters:

  • Maybe she’s hungry – offer a warm bottle or some of momma’s milk.
  • Check the diaper – might as well go with the normal routine here…
  • While your are down there checking the damage in the diaper, look for any redness or rashes that might be bothersome.

Check out this neat little all-natural rash cream from
Sarah at MrsJanuary!

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  • Did she ever eat a little? Try burping her now – pats on the back or soft rubs up her back.
  • If her tummy feels tight, she might be gassy – try a baby massage and bicycle her legs to reduce pressure that might be hurting her tummy.
  • If your baby isn’t rolling over yet – try swaddling!

Use this swaddle hack for those hulk-ishly strong babies!
***Do not swaddle a baby that can roll over!***

  • Rock, quietly “Ssshhhhh…”, and cuddle your baby in a chair (You can take a break this way too!)
  • ‘Skin to Skin’ cuddling might help newborns – sometimes they just need to smell mommy or offer a shirt of yours to snuggle (it should smell like you!)
  • Does the baby feel hot? Check her temperature with a thermometer and if so – you can find tips here if you think she might be getting sick.

Home Remedies for Babies!
Natural Remedies for Baby

  • Still no luck? Now it’s time to ask Daddy to take a turn if he’s available. (Or someone close)
  • Try stepping outside (if it’s daytime) – watch the cars drive by and point things out. Sometimes they just need a little fresh air.
  • Have a swing or a safe place to put them while they watch you vacuum? The noise helped my son in the early months!
  • Speaking of sounds, try heading over to youtube for some videos of white noise (they have one’s that are multiple hours long!)
  • Think they might be teething? Offer a semi-frozen washcloth or some cold teethers to help reduce pain without medication.

Use these 20 ideas to get your fussy baby back to sleep! Click To Tweet

  • If you know it’s teething, and cold chewies aren’t working – ask the pharmacist about acetaminophen usage for your baby while you’re at the store.

Keep this reference list for Acetaminophen dosages for infants.

  • If none of these have worked so far, put the baby in a safe place (the crib or bassinet) and take a 5-10 minute break. It can be hard but you might both benefit from it.
  • Do you suspect she is just awake and not interested in sleeping? Try snuggling and watching a colorful, quiet show to settle down. Look on Youtube or On Demand!

Sprout Network has this cute little show we like
The Good Night Show!
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  • Oh she isn’t interested in sitting down and being quiet? Well turn on some music and dance with her. Burn some energy off and get in a better mood with some Beyonce.


  • I hate suggesting this because I haven’t ever made it to this point of struggle, but if absolutely nothing else works – go for a car ride. It can be a total pain but after everything else has been tried – might as well right?
  • If your baby is literally non-stop crying for 3 or more hours every day (rather consistently for over 3 weeks) – your baby might have colic! If this sounds like your situation – you can read more about how to go down that road right here.

20 Ideas to Calm a Fussy Baby


Did I forget something that works for you?
Let me know in the comments below!

20 Ideas to Calm a Fussy Baby
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