Frozen Squash and Bananas!

Easy to make!
Buy frozen when foods are out of season!

“Here come’s the airplane!”

You know that situation where you try to encourage your little one to try some baby food but you don’t actually want to put any of it in your own mouth?

I honestly can say that I do not mind tasting or eating the food I make for my baby now that I make it myself.

I am so convinced the second time around – I will never buy pre-packaged baby food at a convenience price- ever again. There’s too many powerful reason’s not to make it at home.

  1. It saves money, reduces waste, and you get MORE.
  2. Home-made baby food is customizable to fit all diets/allergies with no added preservatives or scary ingredients.
  3. From making the food, to storing, to prepping it for meal time – It’s still convenient enough for the 15 minutes of work I did to get it. (Verses driving to the store, purchasing, unloading and eating at my convenience)
Simple prep!
Bring to boil, drain and let cool

When you’re growing your baby’s food pallet – consider buying frozen ‘out of season’ produce to get more variety of mild foods throughout the year. Squash is usually abundant in the fall, though you’re not going to find squash in the spring unless you grew it yourself last year and it happens to be a very simple “baby’s first food”.

Freeze Into Cubes!
Butternut Squash with Banana Puree

I picked up some frozen butternut squash I had found on sale and stocked up.
Even if my baby ends up being allergic to it, it’s something the rest of my family can still enjoy – no waste there!)

Simple process honestly, just throw the frozen squash in a steamer or some water and let it cook through until soft and ‘mash-able’. Toss in your handy food processor and give it a couple go’s just get the puree going. Peel a couple bananas, break em into thirds and continue to puree until smooth! Spoon into an ice tray- freeze up and package them later!

It’s so freaking easy and the foods to make it cost me less than 4 dollars.

Label and done!
Freeze and Package for use throughout the week!


To be completely honest- a food processor is more convenient because I simply have it but it’s absolutely not necessary with such soft foods like squash and banana. You could use a potato masher if you HAD to. The food processor I have (*Affiliate Link*) has proved to be awesome for making baby food alone! It has paid for itself beyond belief. When a puree is too thick, I can easily add some applesauce to thin out or on the other end you can always add baby cereal/oatmeal to thicken if needed!

Add some cinnamon or nutmeg (if you’d like) if your little one is closer to one year – no real nutritional value but a little flavor is always fun. It smells like pumpkin pie if you do! 
….JOKE’S ON THEM (It’s squash! haha).


Butternut Squash with Banana Puree
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