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Best Sunless Tanner

I finally found a sunless tanner that doesn’t smell horrible and actually works!

*This is an affiliate related post, the amazon links are accredited to my affiliate account. I personally bought this product and honestly recommend it – all thoughts on this product are my own.*

Favorites Friday! Eco-tan Sunless Tanner!

After becoming pregnant – and ending those occasional trips to the tanning salon in the spring and the fall to keep up my nice little glow, I realized how pale my skin actually is. I didn’t go for almost 2 years and I could see my birthmark (which is a small tan patch on my left inner bicep). I mean I was paler than my birthmark that I didn’t realize I even had because before having children, I was always outside in the sun every summer, and being tan for all those years I had no idea it was even there.

So my second child comes along and he has a much darker complexion than his brother – he definitely picked up the Italian from his dad there. He makes his brother look so pale and I always thought he had a slightly warmer complexion too. So my journey began when I wanted to start tanning again! But I didn’t really like the idea of U.V tanning anymore. Having the kiddos made cancer sound scarier…

Plus, taking a 20 minute drive to the tanning salon to sit or stand in a hot bed was not something I really wanted to do at this point – I would have to get a babysitter (if Daddy’s working), schedule the appointment, come home smelling like tanning lotion and sweating with two kids and all for what? Just to be tan. Screw that honestly. And I’ve seen way too many orange spray tans to even consider going that route. I needed an easier way – sunless tanner here we come.

I bought a few bigger brands from Wal-Mart, mainly gradual tanners so I didn’t end up making myself orange anyways. Turns out these stink really bad and you have to be thoughtful in when you apply so you don’t end up getting it on the kiddos (breast-feeding haha) or on your clothes or furniture (sh#t!). I ended up tossing them – they were not what I was looking for and I knew I wasn’t going to continue using them.

A somewhat thorough search on Amazon led me to Eco-Tan. The reviews on it were super convincing but my draw back was it’s price and how small the bottle seemed. So I kept it on the back-burner.

It wasn’t until a couple days later, someone I follow on Instagram mentioned the very same product and how much she liked it and stressed how much easier it is to deal with than most sunless tanners being that it’s completely organic!

Sunless tanner means having the summer glow all year without the skin damaging effects!

So I bought it. The actual product website – encourages a very good exfoliation process on the areas you plan on applying. They have a special glove you can buy to help with that but honestly I like to use my leftover coffee grounds and use them to exfoliate (it’s super resourceful and the caffeine in the grounds is great for cellulite on the thighs!) So I honestly didn’t buy the glove but I do believe that doing a very good exfoliation on your whole body the night before applying is super important to your results!

I have used the same original bottle I had purchased to apply to my whole body (even my face) 5 times now. I did it a few times before the summer started with a few weeks between applications, once in the mid-summer (my youngest had terrible eczema and we didn’t spend much time in the sun), and once last week for these before and after photos. It seems to last a while or at least fade slowly enough that I am not reapplying it weekly (but honestly you can if you want to because it doesn’t have anything bad in it!).

Every time I use it, I apply it at night before bed (sounds crazy but it dries incredibly quickly and you don’t have to worry about it staining your sheets!) where the night before application I would have taken a shower and exfoliated my whole body super well. You don’t really want to exfoliate and apply on the same day, the exfoliation should be thorough and doing both might irritate the skin. Exfoliate monday, apply on tuesday!

This is my before and after from last weeks application. I haven’t applied since July before this before photo – I did get somewhat of a natural tan this summer.

Sunless Tanner Review from Smart Mom!
Before and After

You can see how the sunless tanner gave me a deeper glow. I know a super convincing picture could have been how pale my ass is compared to after an application but honestly I didn’t think that would have been appreciated – haha.

Eco-tan makes a few different formulas of sunless tanners based on your natural skin tone. You can view the Eco-Tan website right here to learn more about their products!

You can view their wide range of products here on Amazon – great if you have prime!

I did not order from their website, we have an Amazon Prime account and I wanted this product in two days (because somewhat instant gratification is always nice) and I believe that saved me some on shipping verses ordering from the product website. Have a look and see! I am really here to just spread the love for this tanner. It really is my favorite now and I don’t recommend anything else – there’s nothing bad I can say about this! At first the price somewhat urked me – however now I that I have bought it, used it 5 times and still have at least a third of the bottle left – I am satisfied with the cost.

My Favorite Organic Sunless Tanner @smartmomstuff
All Natural Ingredients!

5 Tanning sessions at the salon would have costed me more and I still have enough applications left for the rest of the year if I don’t go ham for some reason…

Have you ever tried a sunless tanner? Do you have a favorite? I know a lot of women in general that are becoming concerned with the health risks linked to U.V tanning have been searching for a safer way to get these results and I really think that if you haven’t found one you like, you should definitely try this!

If you do end up trying this! Please come back and give me your thoughts! I’d love to know if you like Eco-Tan as much as I do!




Does what it says?


    Quantity + Quality?


      Is it worth it's price?



        • Organic Ingredients
        • Doesn't stain clothes/bedding
        • Doesn't smell bad


        • Somewhat expensive
        Favorites Friday: Sunless Tanner
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