Avocado with Banana Puree

It's not peas! Yay!
Use these for lunch or dinner all week!


My first child didn’t receive as much homemade baby food as my second has been getting. Those cute little containers of Gerber baby food at the store seem so appealing and convenient. I even got them through a state program for women and children for a short period of time so hey- free is always cool.

But now my two-year old is eating real fruit and vegetables with the family and buying those little packets of food has became honestly- an inconvenience. I already buy bananas every week for my sons breakfasts – why should I spend extra money on additional food for my baby?

The process takes literally 15 minutes and have lunch or dinner ready to go for the while week long.

Easy as 1-2-3 :)
Peel – Process – Package!
  1. De-seed avocado and spoon into processor, puree a few times.
  2. Peel banana and chunk on top of avocado, continue to puree until thickness desired.
  3. Boom.

Homemade baby food you made with your two hands just like the baby you’re making it for. You can certainly customize any baby food purees to avoid allergies. Add spices for older babies and puree less for chunkier food transitioning.

Feel better about feeding your baby some real food you made from the heart – knowing the ingredients alone will make you feel like supermom.

Spoon the puree into an icecube tray and let them freeze overnight. Take out a ziplock and label it so you don’t forget to package them up the next day.


One of the coolest things I have I learned to utilize is a small food processor I got as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law-to be. I am not good at baking and at the time – was used to buying shredded cheese and things that I really didn’t need a food processor for. It was like christmas all over again when I realized that this could have save me tons of money with my first son but at the very least – will save me money the second baby around. I really recommend one to any parent who is responsible for prepping the baby food.

Kitchen Aid Food Processer – Unknown baby essential!

This is the one I have and love – KitchenAid KFC3511ER 3.5-Cup Food Chopper – Empire Red. (*Affiliate Link*) (They have almost every color now!) It’s even chopped down bars of soap for our homemade laundry detergent! (Sh#t is tough!). This one is the perfect size for making just enough to fill in either one or two ice trays. I would recommend a larger size if you plan on doing more things with a processor. They are great investments – I don’t HAVE to buy shredded cheese anymore. I like to believe that I save a little money buying the bigger blocks of cheese and shredding as needed then freezing if there’s extra we wont get to.

Amazon has been my go to since having children for items that I don’t need today-TODAY. If I can wait at least two days- I would prefer to get it through Amazon as I don’t have to take two children to Walmart and fight that struggle. (Gah!)

The weird things you find out to be very necessary the second time around…

Making baby food at home means you get quality PLUS quantity and who doesn't want that? Click To Tweet



Avocado With Banana Puree
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