Wanna know a little more about who writes all this stuff?
I’m terrible at these types of things so I made my “Top 3 About Me’s”!

Linc and I!
Linc and I!

Relevant to this blog:

1. Motherhood has made me crave a more natural lifestyle for my family. “Back to Basics” if you will.
2. I am an avid list-maker, compulsive organizer and self-claimed “rap line-dropping guru”.
3. I honestly don’t like to work harder or spend more money than necessary – “Work smarter not harder.”

Interesting for this blog:

1. My 2-year-old helps me cook family dinner almost every night – he’s quite the helper all around too!
2. My children’s father and I are still engaged and we are currently in the process of planning our ‘dream’ wedding. Which I’d like to share with you guys at some point!
3. We have also planned our third child. It’s in the books and it will be our first planned baby.

The boys and I!

Why or what you might like in this blog:

1. I want to offer real solutions, techniques, tips and resources that honestly work for our family.
2. I hope to inspire you to get organized, learn more about cooking for your family, saving money as well as time and ways to ‘parent smarter’.
3. LEARN TO EMBRACE MOTHERHOOD! Be proud of your mom skills. Love your life at home and get your mom-face on and I want to help you do it!

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Basics about me:

1. I am a 25-year-old stay at home mom of two very active boys under the age of three. They are 18 months apart and named after U.S Presidents.


2. My personal hobbies (when I have time for them) are home crafting/decorating, graphic design and I just started taking pole dance fitness class every couple weeks.
3. Before staying at home, I worked in the grocery business/customer service while attending college for my AA. I began work full-time when I got pregnant and began staying at home when my first son was about 6 months old and ever since. I plan to finish my AA when the kiddos begin school/sports sessions.

Irrelevant and/or uninteresting facts about me:

1. I am weirdly indecisive with too many options available. I tend to overthink pros and cons – which may save other family’s some time in products around the home.
2. My name is Ginger and… (I’m gonna say it) ADDICTED TO SIXLETS. Yes, those little chocolate candies. I have them everywhere in my home for my convenience.
3. My fiance and I love to watch cooking competitions (really anything Gordan Ramsay) and netflix series binging after the kiddos are tucked into bed for the night. We also play board games and Berry (My all-time favorite website) together.



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