20 Ideas for Saving Money now! smartmomstuff.com

MAN saving money can be hard!!!


You already know I am a stay at home mom. (Duh.) This also means we force ourselves to live on one income. Transitioning from two incomes to one can be tough in almost any situation. Budgeting can be your key during this transition for the long term but what if you need to start saving money now?

It’s not always easy to adjust to a budget from the get-go – however cutting some unnecessary expenses out of your life will almost always get you on a better route to budgeting more consistently.

I don’t like paying more than I should for something – and I do believe that you get what you pay for.

I can justify spending more money on products I consider to be higher in quality because I know they work and they tend to last longer.
In the last two years at home, I have stumbled upon a handful of ways to save money resourcefully yet easily as well.

For the last couple days, I thought about it and wrote down almost all the ways we have managed to save some within our budget! Use these tips to take a good look at your monthly expenses and see where you can make some little edits when saving money.

20 Ideas for Saving Money now! smartmomstuff.com

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20+ Ideas for Saving Money NOW!

Saving Money with Infants and Toddlers

  • Homemade baby food – stop buying extra jars of food for your little ones.
    Find easy recipes with simple ingredients you already purchase for the rest of your family!

These are some of our favorite recipes!

  • Baby Clothes….Ahhh baby clothes. So you know they grow like a weed and the amount of money spent on brand new clothes can be embarrassing. Consider getting half your child’s closet from a second-hand children’s clothing store or look into clothing swaps in your area! You’ll definitely still get a few new outfits as gifts and naturally see SOMETHING your lovebug can’t live without. It’s easier to spend on special things when you know you have saved a lot more on the more common items. Plus kid’s dirty up at least 2 outfits a day……at least in my house.

Saving Around the Home

  • I don’t want to cut back on the coffee but I did save money by purchasing my own espresso machine*.
    Now I can have my favorite latte without leaving my house! Plus- $$ tips go to me now!
  • I’ve switched my cleaners to more natural ingredients. I now use these ingredients to clean our home and they’re so much safer to use around my kiddos.
Natural Cleaning Products save money and are safer around small ones! smartmomstuff.com
The Cleaners I Use at Home
  • Make your own Laundry Detergent for $30.oo/year! I’ve written a post on it myself but the recipe is from Jillee at One Good Thing!
    This recipe works and can be made in a trial size if you aren’t ready to make a full year’s worth.
  • Stop buying dryer sheets and start going the reusable route! Look at this cute DIY post from Megan at Rhapsody in Rooms!
    I personally love using these sponges!
  • Do you have extra furniture or sellable things laying around the house? Use the OfferUp App for Mobile or Craigslist to easily sell those items. Make some money off the crap you really don’t need that someone else actually wants!

Saving Money on Groceries

  • Start Meal Planning! Utilize foods you already have in the home – build your shopping list and buy only the items you need! I have a free printable for you here!
  • Cooking at home with meals you have already planned makes cutting unnecessary FAST FOOD expenses super easy. Eat out on special occasions and have more money to do so with less Burger King trips!
  • Every week I plan to do grocery shopping, I check the sales ads for my favorite grocery stores to see who has the better deals on what I plan on buying. Using my meal plans – I don’t have to buy extra food and I know the cheapest place to get it.
  • Buy your most commonly bought (non-parishable) foods in bulk!
    Things like pastas, canned goods, and seasonings can all be purchased in bulk and sometimes with an extra discount or doing so!
  • Stock up and save on ingredients you use often when they are at sale prices!
    Try to start keeping a “Price Reference” to the things you find yourself buying most often and use this to know when to buy extra.
  • When you start noticing what items you buy frequently – do a quick search for coupons on those items and use them when you go to the store next! Couponing doesn’t have to be extreme – I only clip and use ones on foods I buy weekly (usually snack foods and cereals)
  • Any foods or ingredients that I find expensive (in my opinion) – I try to find “from scratch” alternatives that might make getting these ingredients less of a hassle. Pinterest is the Bible for scratch hacks!
    Be sure to follow my board specifically for “From Scratch Hacks”.

Saving Money on Monthly Bills

  • Turns out our cell phone provider offers a 10% discount on your bill when you bank with a credit union! If you are a member of a credit union or maybe another type of union – look for discounts that apply to you! Sprint shaved off ten dollars of my monthly bill when I registered my credit union information with them. I also LOVE Sprint! I have been with and recommended them for almost 5 years now and I do occasionally get loyalty credits on my bill đŸ™‚
  • Have Netflix or Hulu? Cut your cable and save big! We use a Roku* and it saved me over $30 per month! You can read a post I wrote about how I save the money right here!
  • Even if you don’t have Netflix or Hulu, call up your cable company and let them know you need to cancel your services. Why? Because they will begin offering you tons of deals and promos to continue your business with them.
  • Earlier I mentioned OfferUp and Craigslist – Check these sites prior to making purchases for random things. Save a few hundred on that dresser or table because you choose not to go to Macy’s first! You never know what you might find on there and for a great deal! It’s always worth a quick search…
  • Cancel unnecessary promo accounts that bill you monthly like Spotify. We were paying $10 a month after our phone promo’s ran out and honestly – I didn’t think it was worth the money. Cancelled and saved. Boom.
  • Start recycling your aluminum cans! When you have a decent size, take them to the recycling center yourself and they will pay you in weight for them! Plus this saves a ton of room in your recycle/trash bin!
  • Speaking of trash – consider going green and composting your organic waste! Our area offers organic waste cans or you can start your own compost set up! Reduces space in your trash – reduce the size of your trash output! Recycling and correctly disposing of organic waste could essentially  lessen the size of your trashcan – and therefor your trash bill.
  • *Ever tried Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom? These subscription services are great for ALL the things we buy every month! You can recieve discounts on items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes when you subscribe to order them as often as you need them. This can virtually reduce most trips to Walmart and these things are delivered right to your door! You can easily switch or cancel on subscriptions that you no longer need or buy less often! I am a total Amazon Lover!

  • When winter comes – the heat bill does too. Look into winterizing your home’s windows and seals to reduce air drafts. Contain the heat you are paying for inside the home! Winterizing is super easy – here’s a youtube video to prove it.
  • My husband works about 10 minutes away from home. In early 2015, my fiance and I have each had a car, which is twice the gas, twice the maintenance, twice the money. Because he works so close to home, we decided to sell one of our cars and my fiance began carpooling to work. We still have one car and honestly it hasn’t been much of an issue since I stay home with the kiddos. We can plan his carpooling with my need to run errands and divy up the car as needed. AND mommy got her dream car (Jeep Wrangler!).

And there you have it!

20 ways for saving money now!

from Giphy.com

I think that’s every simple thing I have done within the last year or so to try to save money here and there.
With these tiny trims in the expenses – I really hope to beat our debt next year and stay on budget. I would really love to pay off our Jeep!!!


Comment below – What ways do you save money at home?

20+ Ways for Saving Money on One Income
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Young mommy of two handsome boys! I thankfully get to spend my days at home with them while I learn new ways of resourcefulness, money saving, parenting hacks, and family friendly home-making.

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4 thoughts on “20+ Ways for Saving Money on One Income

  1. These are great ideas! I definitely agree about the baby food thing. We almost went broke buying so many little containers of food before I started making our own for the twins. And meal planning has been a huge saver, too!

  2. Thanks for the great tips Ginger! We are on one income here too and it’s been a pretty rough transition. I have switched to grocery shopping exclusively at Wal Mart this month and it looks like it’s saving a good bit of money so far! I also want to try your suggestion of homemade cleaners!

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